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2008-01-10 12:03:26 by llerena

Vivo en Ilo peru i`m have one beatiful baby caleb my next animation is Lineage Chapter 4 espero y tengo una buena aceptacion :) entre la comunidad de newgrounds

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2008-01-11 18:40:38

are you speaking in english and spanish at the same time?

good for me i understand both languages xD.

lineage is great, i hope you make a great video :)

ps. heart of heaven was amazing.


2008-01-11 20:46:53

awesome the image look very good is a good job.


2008-01-12 11:21:45

You're an Idiot for posting Heart of Heaven. you cant post other peoples flash just because you want it translated. thats not how the portal works.


2008-01-12 13:38:50

Agree with last poster. Hey I know its the internet and respect is basically dead, but come on...

I'm aware you credited the author, but you still have no right what so ever to post on NG without any hard evidence that the original author let you post it. Otherwise you are still stealing someone else's hard work. Hopefully you'll do the smart thing and remove from NG unless you have evidence that the author gave you permission to post this.


2008-01-13 12:33:45

Agreed. Remove Heart of Heaven. You have no right to upload someone elses' work just because you want it translated.


2008-01-13 16:50:41

you steal!!


2008-01-13 20:57:26

Read the rules of this portal, thieves are not welcome here.


2008-01-14 01:36:36

You did credit them, but its still like posting Madness series over again WITHOUT crediting the author.becuase you got frontpage.


2008-01-19 07:43:09

um... what?


2008-01-24 07:31:18

where would you like to go?


2008-02-25 18:26:44

Mi guesto el flash


2008-08-11 19:18:04

nice jonb